1. Installation:
    1. There are many options for making the initial payment (Energy Loan, Bank Share Loan, Cash)
    2. Installers will need attic access in order to find the beams to nail the railings to.
    3. Railing are installed first, then the panels, cutoff box, inverter and electrical box. Wiring is the final step.
    4. The electrician allowed me to watch every task and even fixed issue with the current fuse box.
    5. The electrician installed a secondary fuse box since there was no space available.
  2. The City of Crestview:
    1. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 9-3p with a lunch break from 11-12.
    2. They require an inspection, even though there was already a 3rd party inspection.
    3. From my experience, they could not lock down a definite schedule or commit to a specific time frame.
    4. If they show up and you are not home, you have to re-schedule and the solar power company has to pay the inspection fee again.
  3. Tax rebate:
    1. You can file for the tax rebate with your taxes as soon as the city completes their inspection.
    2. Your tax rebate will take 2-3 weeks so the IRS can research
    3. Depending on the size of the return, it may be mailed to you if you opted for direct deposit.
    4. If you filed jointly, you will need to have both names on the bank account, or it will have to be split evenly between 2 bank accounts.
    5. The addition of solar panels are exempt from property taxes and will not trigger a reassessment of your property.
  4. Gulf Power bill after solar installation:
    1. Gulf Power does not record how much energy you are using directly from the panels. You will need to record daily output and subtract the Kwh that was sent to Gulf Power. (e.g. Total 600kwh produced - 300kwh sent to Gulf Power = 300kwh used directly)
    2. All kwh produced beyond what was used will be rolled-over to the next month.
    3. Gulf Power will start subtracting power sent between 30-60 days after paperwork has been sent.
    4. Usage reports from Gulf Power does not include usage direct from the panels.
    5. You will never have a $0 bill. There will be a $15 base charge + taxes.