Specifications Summary5.0 KW DC System6.4 KW DC System
System Size in Watts:50606440
Derate Factor:80%80%
Solarworld 230 Watt Panels:2228
InverterSMA 5000SMA 6000
DC Rating:5.0 KW6.4 KW
DC to AC Derate Factor:0.80.8
AC Rating:4.0 KW5.1 KW
Array Type:Fixed TiltFixed Tilt
Array Tilt:30.7°30.7°
Array Azimuth:180.0°180.0°
Mounting Method:Unirac RackingUnirac Racking
Grid Tied:YesYes
BOS:Misc Parts, Wire, Clamps, EtcMisc Parts, Wire, Clamps, Etc
Per Diem/TravelYesYes
Days to Install:~2 - 3 Days~2 - 3 Days
Permits & Line Drawings Required:YesYes
Type of Organization:ResidentialResidential
Power Company:Gulf PowerGulf Power
Cost of Electricity:13.0 Cents13.0 Cents
Total Non-Taxable Services:$7,160$7,860
Total Services & Materials:$21,560$23,140
FL Tax:$0$0
Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC):30% ($6,468)30% ($6,942)
Gulf Power Rebate:$10,000$10,000
Net Cost After Stimulus:$5,092$6,198
Workmanship Guarantee:5 year5 year